Marine & Offshore Travel

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Marine airfares are specifically designed
to assist the private yacht industry with all their travel needs when
going to/from a private vessel. From Captains and Crew to Technicians and Contractors to Yacht Brokers and Management.


Captains and Crew Traveling:

– To/from vessel in ports
– To/from shipyard when vessel is in refit/or new build
– To a job interview
– To attend a (training) course
– Home (repatriation flights)

Racing and Sailing Organisations:

– Professional sailing crew
– Temporary sailing crew joining a racing vessel
– Technical staff supporting the racing  team


Yacht brokers

Management personnel may utilize marine airfares when:

– Traveling to trade shows and representing a vessel.
– Meeting with a vessel.
– Traveling on behalf of a vessel.
– Traveling to a shipyard.

Technical team:
– Contractors
– Engineers
– Surveyors
– Technical staff
– Employees of yachting companies traveling to carry out work on a vessel at sea or dry dock

Cruise Line Crew Travel

TravelPin services several sectors of the cruise line industry by providing affordable one-way or round trip travel to both staff working onboard ship, as well as a comprehensive air/sea program for cruise lines who outsource wholly or in part their passenger air programs.
We offer point-to-point pricing worldwide which ensures you will reach your job on time regardless of where you live, or your port of embarkation.


– Deck & Engine Able Bodies Seaman
– Onboard food service including cooks, waiters, busboy & bar staff
– Cabin attendants and cleaners
– Cruise staff
– Onboard concessions such as casino, hairdresser, shops
– New hire staff coordinated through a manning agency
– Temporary onboard workers such as: New builds, technicians, divers, fabricators, electricians, HVAC, installation, and other workers whether sailing with the vessel, or while the vessel is in port/dry-dock.

As it is a privilege that the airlines extend marine/seaman airfares to workers in this specialized industry, we need to ensure that everyone using marine fares and the associated benefits qualify.
Therefore, we follow the airlines’ policies closely and advise our travelers to carry proof that they are indeed travelling for work purposes.

Employees must carry documentation of eligibility in the form of a written letter detailing the reason for their travel.

You may be asked to produce this documentation during check-in at the airport.

Marine/Offshore Travel

Marine and offshore airfares are specifically designed to assist the commercial ship industry with travel from their homes to their workplace… and back.

Our goal is to offer the lowest fares, most competitive services, and routings for your marine travel, ships crew travel, ships seaman travel, ship surveyor travel, ship engineer travel, ship maintenance team travel, marine offshore travel worldwide.

Kindly contact us for a quotation, and receive your most competitive marine fares, crew fares and seaman fares, marine oil and gas fares.


– Able bodies seafares and officers working onboard any marine vessel
– Commercial shipping crew and associated technicians traveling to/from a vessel or port for purposes of employment
– Cruise line employees working in any capacity onboard including concessions who appear on the vessel crew manifest
– Workers involved with the repositioning of a semi-submersible
– Workers on a drilling rig that can maneuver under its own power
– Technical representatives
– Engineers
– Supernumeraries
– Contractors
– Concessions
– Security Personnel
– Surveyors